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ActivePure® Products

Clean Air Mobile

"Peace of Mind - In Travel Size"
Room or Car Size: Up to 350* sqft

• Cars / SUVs / Vans
• Hotel Rooms
• Shuttles / Limousines
• Offices
• Spa/Treatment Rooms
• Small Rooms
• Powder Rooms
• Trucks / RV’s / Buses
• Small Offices

ActivePure® 1 Small Cell Included

Dimensions: 1" x 3.5" x 6"
Power: 12V DC Car & 120V
Weight: 8oz
Fan Speed: 3 Speed
Travel Adapters for all Countries
Warranty: 1 year
* Based on Occupancy

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Pure & Clean

Room Size: Up to 3,000* sqft

• Hotels & Casinos
• Restaurants / Bars / Cafes
• Residential Homes
• Businesses / Retail / Salons
• Commercial Offices
• Fitness Gyms
• Schools / Day Care Facilities
• Government Buildings
• Senior Living Facilities
• Churches
• Doctor / Dental Offices
• Veterinary Clinics

ActivePure® 2 Cells Included

Dimensions: 10" x 10" x 12"
Weight: 8lbs
Ozone Production: 0.00 pp,
Fan Speeds: 5 with silent mode
LED Display with Maintenance Reminders
Warranty: 3 year
**Optional HEPA Filter
Comes with USA & EU Power Adapters
(more countries available upon request)

* Based on Occupancy


Hydroxyl Blaster

Exclusively available through MR in Nevada

“The Game Changer”
World's First Venue Surface & Air Decontaminator

Room Size- For ALL large spaces: Up to 20,000* sqft

• Trade Shows
• Conference Halls
• Convention Center
• Event Spaces
• Gyms
• Indoor Training Facilities
• Indoor Stadiums
• Commercial Office Space
• Banquet Halls
• School Auditoriums
• Theaters & Concert Halls

ActivePure® 4 XL Cells Included

Dimensions: 22" x 13" x 13"
Weight: 24 lbs
Sound Level: 57 dBa (equiv. to refrigerator)
Warranty: 3 year limited
* Based on Occupancy


Medical Guardian

FDA Approved Class II Medical Device 510(k) ActivePure® Medical Solution

Room Size: Up to 3000 sqft* 8-10ft ceilings

The ActivePure Medical Guardian is a free-standing, portable device used in professional healthcare environments to reduce airborne contaminants. With the optimal balance of performance, proven quality, user-friendly design and affordability, its ActivePure® Technology gives professional healthcare environments an effective solution to reduce
airborne contaminants

*Based on occupancy


Induct Units

750-20,000 sqft
Induct units for existing HVAC systems also available, please contact us for further information

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